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A dramatic encounter, the result of a home invasion which led to the criminal receiving a 99 year sentence, crystallized a desire to ensure each and every family member felt safe and protected in their own home.

Launched in the late 80s, while our competition focused on protecting their own security by installing mass volume of low-end, generic alarm systems which only provided a false sense of security, we focused on our client’s needs by custom building home automation solutions that controlled all aspects of security. Our solutions start as a macro-security platform, turning every door and window into an alarm trigger, a chime and a light switch that illuminates local visibility to criminal actions as well as intelligence to central station.

As we progressed over the years, we realized the best way to reduce internal security breaches was to harden the exterior perimeter. As a result, we changed our name to Perimeter Protection and Surveillance Systems and focus on building solutions that start at the exterior edge and move inward.

This involves placing exterior triggers and cameras that detect early entry onto the property, establishing outside regions of interest monitored by remote guards and placing wireless video-alert systems in remote areas of the property where electrical power is impossible to provide.

These solutions integrated with the watchful eye of remote guards allow early engagement on criminal intentions while minimizing over-reactions due to environmental or technical false alarms.

Over three decades, we have provided security solutions for homes, gated communities, small businesses, large commercial environments, schools, and construction sites. We pride ourselves on being ahead of the curve with the latest security technology and equipping our clients with intelligent security solutions.

Contact us today so that we can discuss how we may support your security needs: 1-657-444-SAFE (7233).

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  • If you don’t have security today, why wait
  • Trust Perimeter Protection implement security solutions
  • Helping clients prevent thefts and burglaries
  • Thirty years of experience
  • Designing unique solutions

Why Wait?

Some things are well-worth the wait, but not when it comes to giving criminals access to all that is important to you.

If you don’t have security today, why wait until AFTER you are a victim to get security?

If you do have security today, why does it only work AFTER the criminals are inside your home or business?

Why not have a system that gives YOU the element of surprise, that gives YOU the opportunity to be proactive vs reactive, that gives YOU the opportunity to minimize an impact that is directed towards you and all that is important to you?

Why Us?

People and businesses trust Perimeter Protection because we custom-design and implement security solutions that start on the OUTSIDE, where threat-awareness should begin.

You should expect awareness at the outside-property-edge vs inside-the-window-ledge.

We have helped clients prevent thefts and burglaries BEFORE the actual break-in, caught crooks in progress and reduced on-site security staff by augmenting remote guards with intelligent video solutions.

With over thirty years of experience serving Southern California, we are experts in designing unique solutions for challenging environments.

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